Why Brands Are Using Micro-Influencers On Instagram (and You Should Too!)

Micro-influencer marketing. It’s a fast-growing wave and brands everywhere are riding it. Especially on Instagram. The question now is — should you grab your board and catch the surf?

As a business owner, manager or marketer, you should know it’s all about the numbers. And the statistics tell us that using influencers is the key to growing your business.


And consumers trust the products non-celebrity bloggers recommend even more than those hawked by celebs.

Shoppers are using a variety of channels to get these recommendations.


But what’s intriguing is that influencer marketing now yields 11x higher ROI than traditional marketing.

It’s not just some segments of the market who are seeing these results. An astounding 94% of marketers swear by influencer strategies. And another 59% are planning to use them in the near future.

It’s expected that the influencer marketing industry will increase to $10 billion by 2020.

The good news is you don’t need to involve huge social media influencers with millions of followers to boost your sales.

How can this be?

Let’s take a closer look; down the micro level.

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