Sell more on Instagram: Our Quintessential Guide to the New Shoppable Feed


While waiting in line at Starbucks, you scroll through Instagram. A pair of boots catches your eye. 

You need to have them. 

You click on the website link in the profile and find yourself on the shop’s homepage. You try to head over to the “Boots” section, but the link is hard to click on your tiny screen. 

Finally there, you scroll through what seems like thousands of pairs of boots before you find one that looks like it might be the pair you love. You can’t be sure, though – the color looks a bit off – and now it’s time to order your coffee from the barista. 

You put your phone in your bag, and by the time you remember the boots several hours later, you’ve decided it’s not worth falling into the rabbit hole again to try to hunt them down. 

You’ve missed out on making a purchase you truly wanted and the shop missed out on a brand new customer.

Instagram gets it. They want you to have that thing you need to have, or to at least find out more information about that thing you may need to have but aren’t quite sure yet. That’s why they’ve integrated themselves into the customer journey – Instagram is now acting as the middleman between the consumer and the merchant, giving both parties what they need to finalize a sale. Consider it a new generation of shopping, and though it’s not without its cumbersome elements, it’s so much closer to a native retail experience than it was a few months ago.

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Tata Tickaradze