Our Stupid Simple Guide to the Instagram Algorithm


The IG Algorithm is a paradox:

  1. Understanding the Instagram algorithm is crucial for marketers. 

  2. Nobody understands the algorithm.

Let me explain…

  1. Duh. If you want to succeed at IG marketing, you’re gonna need people to see your posts. In order to do that, you need to know which posts get preferential treatment in IG’s feed.

  2. This one’s tricky… Facebook (IG’s parent company) is drowning in data overload – even with a congressional hearing and growing public distrusts hanging over their heads, they can’t even fully stamp out what went down with Russian ads. Updates to their codebase ship continuously from offices around the globe. All this code is tested, optimized, and refined with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – in other words, automatically.  There is no man behind the curtain; it’s a machine.

Every other article on the subject tells you all the same, generic, worthless advice you’ve heard before, like “focus on quality content,” and “post at the right time.”  

Yeah…we’re not gonna do that. 

Instead will give you the real scoop. And we’ll focus on the why – the underlying operations of the Instagram machine (and how it’s changed over the years). 

What’s more important than understanding the algorithm, is understanding IGs goals and how the order of posts you see fit into those is the best IG “hack.”  When you can do that, you can see the matrix.

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Tata Tickaradze