Cool Instagram Captions: 21 Clever Ideas from the Best Brands like Starbucks, Nat Geo, and More


Everybody’s got their Instagram thing that they excel at, like sharing inspirational quotes, using the same filters or color scheme, or only posting photos that fit a specific theme.

When it comes to crafting captions, though, a lot of people fly by the seat of their pants, while others forgo the caption completely. Instagram is, first and foremost, a photo sharing app, and creators assume that audiences don’t really care about the words underneath the photo.

Not true. The right caption can enhance your post, drive engagement and set the tone for your Instagram presence.

We’re here to help you and your brand with everything you need to know about Instagram captions, including:

  • The basics of formatting and choosing the perfect length

  • Elements you should include in (almost) every caption

  • Ideas for when you’re not quite sure what you should say

  • Sharing your Instagram posts to your other social media platforms

Ultimately, we’ll help you encourage engagement on your posts and answer every viewer’s question before they think to ask it.

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Tata Tickaradze