16 Irresistible Instagram Themes You’ll Want to Copy Right This Second [Ideas Inside]


Ever stumbled upon a new Instagram, loved it instantly, and ended up surfing through their pics for, like, 15 minutes? 

You might not have noticed at the time, but chances are that Instagram that made you stop and scroll (like really all the best IGs these days) followed a cohesive, beautiful Instagram theme.

With so much competition on Instagram, brands and influencers need to work extra hard to stand out from the crowd. If you are looking to use Instagram for business, or if you’re just trying to show off your artsy side, you might want to consider using a theme yourself. Following a theme makes it easy for you to get an edge over others in your niche. It gives you a more put-together, professional look.


It also reflects who you are and reasserts your brand image. When people land on your profile, they make a spilt second decision to follow you or click the {x} button. Having a cohesive profile that clearly reflects who you are and what you do, encourages them to stay on. 

But coming up with theme ideas ain’t easy. 

And sticking to one?  Hard.

But it’s important as all heck – so we spent the past few weeks  (over 80+ hours of our own valuable time) – swiping up and down, browsing hashtags, and perusing the Explore page – all so we could put together this epic collection of Instagram theme ideas.  

We spent so much time on this because all those other Instagram Theme Idea Guides just weren’t cutting it. All those other tips might work for female fashion bloggers with all the time in the world, but they weren’t working for us, or for the small businesses we work with here at Jumper Media.

So we wanted to put together a list of IG theme ideas that worked for anyone:

  • For girls AND guys

  • In any season – Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring

  • For businesses, influencers, or just for your personal Insta

  • For photographers, writers, and artists

  • And everyone in between

I’m so happy you found this article and hope that you find it inspiring. If you like it, please consider sharing it with someone you know that might like it too. 

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Tata Tickaradze